NERD IS THE WORD: Can humanity's tech race top the internet?

Welcome to our new weekly column, Nerd is the Word, where reporter and proud nerd Cathryn McLauchlan looks longingly at the latest tech toys.

ISN'T it amazing how today's preschoolers have already become so reliant on technology and, more importantly, they can already type so much faster than most on a smartphone and tablet?

When the internet went mainstream I was too young to comprehend what it would mean for the world; how drastically it would impact our way of living.

I like to think about where technology is leading us, but I always get caught up on this: Will anything greater than the internet ever come along?

The "life-changing" technologies we've seen released over the past 10 years rely on this marvellous, magical network of data we call the internet.

Take driverless cars, for example.

They will surely change our lives in a huge way. What will roads look like? What will cars look like if there's no longer a need for passengers to face the front? What will happen to taxi drivers and truck drivers?

But driverless cars still use the internet. And so will robots and automated homes.

That's why the communication between all of your household items is called the Internet of Things.

Perhaps the next big innovation will come at the turn of the century when light speed travel is invented (or not).

But that's a long way away, so in the meantime, while I can't promise to enlighten you with anything as great as the internet, I can still keep you up to date with smartphones, apps, driverless cars and cool robots that do ridiculous things around your house.

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