Christian Morrow is the Byron Shire News editor
Christian Morrow is the Byron Shire News editor

The love letters continue. Byron is doing something right

DEAR Byron Bay,

Don't give up, keep trying. You are a one-off and an original.

I know it's a struggle holding on to your original charm as a classic, bohemian surf village and a cuddly rural hamlet.

But Byron, you must be doing something right, because you remain a rare beauty of international renown and people beat a path to your door.

Your incredible popularity is also your greatest challenge and I know you are trying everything to make it work.

Everybody from rusted on locals, backpackers, mum-and-dad holidaymakers, fishermen, surfers, mega-rich FIFOS and movie stars, homeless people, shop owners, holiday letters, greenies, schoolies and developers have an idea of who you are and what they want from you.

You are a place where dreams collide.

And you are doing your best, bravely walking a tight rope between development versus preservation while still trying to figure out how to pay for our dreams without selling your soul.

Your ability to be all things to all people is one of your greatest talents.

So we, your family have to be prepared to weave in and out of the sexy backpackers from all corners of the globe as they cluster around the transit centre, after spending their money in our town.

We have to take the back roads and time our run to avoid Ewingsdale Road when it's choked with visitors, waiting to spend money in our town.

And we have to give paid parking a red hot go because it's another one of those things that stands between us and financial oblivion, or worse still...amalgamation.

Now more than ever is the time to stand with you, and try and make a difference. Now is not the time to break it off.

With love always

Christian Morrow


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