Byron Bay artist Mitch Gobel.
Byron Bay artist Mitch Gobel. Contributed

UPDATE: Byron Bay artist sexy post censored by Instagram

UPDATE FRIDAY 10.15AM: SEXY images are OK for social media platform Instagram but sexually-charged captions are not, based on the recent experience of Byron Bay artists Mitch Gobel and and Sally Mustang.

One of Mitch Gobel's posts, containing a detailed account of an erotic encounter (related to the image posted), disappeared from his account yesterday, on the same day his sexy posts were profiled by a number of national news websites and The Northern Star.

Mr Gobel has re-posted the image deleted with a slightly edited version of the caption:


Ms Mustang also posted again an image that disappeared from her account yesterday:

An insight into the post that has recently has been deleted and created quite a stir : The post was an image which showcased a beautiful afternoon. The story is pretty magical actually. I met this man who had a flower farm, my mind went - ding✨ I Came home with bucket loads of flowers. I asked my good friend and make up artist @pheobefever to come over to create something special, and Ming from @thedrifterblog to come capture the moment. Mitch and I cut the stems off all the flowers scattered them around our back yard, and made out while Ming took photos, it was a really creative expression for me. The colours and beauty of the flowers represented our love and afterwards, we wrote together over dinner, remembering an afternoon that was especially raunchy for us. The writing was about a particular summer day when we desperate for each other's bodies. It was consuming and powerful. It was definitely written on a more physical level. Not so much the spiritual or emotional side of sex. Which are of course just as important aspects to our sexual relationships. I guess they are even more intimate and special, so maybe harder to share and describe. @mitchgobel_resinart and I often create and write together, Sex is a huge part of our relationship. We did a journal entry one night after particular steamy afternoon. We read it to each other and got a little excited and inspired by it. Writing our experience down actually opened up communication between us and gave us an insight into how the other half felt during sex. Our sex life has never been better. We decided others might enjoy and be inspired by it. I'm also huge on being honest. This is an honest connection and sensation. I love writing about it. So much that Mitch and I are considering writing a book. We would have a lot more freedom with how we could express ourselves and wouldn't have to leave any bits out 😉 what are your thoughts on this? Over the next few weeks I'm going to write about sex on an emotional and spiritual level, as well as a physical level. I'm stoked to have your support on this and I hope you enjoy the beautiful moment captured here 📷🌸🌺 Lets be open minded ✨

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Instagram has been, until now, commonly known for allowing many nudity and explicitly sexually-charged images and videos in their users accounts, despite their terms and conditions clearly stating that user "may not post violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos or other content via the Service".

Mr Gobel said he was not too surprised.

"I only had my first post deleted today (Thursday) actually, but it's been a little while coming," he said.

"We knew that post was really going to push boundaries and I'm not surprised it was deleted.

"Anyway it's a good learning curve for us, next time we'll just have to be a little more careful about how we word our posts."


ORIGINAL POST: A BYRON BAY artist is bringing sexy back with a provocative online presence that is taking the #byronbay hashtag to a new, young and intrepid audience.

With over 72,000 followers on Instagram alone, Mitch Gobel, 24, has become one of the most visible Byron Bay locals online.

"I stayed there for a moment then without saying anything, slowly guided my tongue from her shoulder up to her ear... Literally nothing else matters when I'm in these moments, it's like being in another world. This is when I create, this is when I'm in the studio, this is when I call my life mine, I create exactly what I want and I own it completely," read one of his posts.

Seduction is always the best part, always! I know when I'm in a position of power... I'd just got out of the shower, I walked into my room with one hand holding the towel just so it covered my waist down, the other on the door handle. She was dancing, facing away from me and looking out to the view. I made a point of making the door slam, so that she could hear it over the music, and she did. She turned around and before she could say anything I moved towards her, I covered her mouth with both of my hands, dropped my towel and gently but firmly forced her body up against the wall of windows over looking the sea of twinkling street lights below. I positioned her face first up against the window and without warning, firmly grasped between her legs and gripped tightly. I stayed there for a moment then without saying anything, slowly guided my tongue from her shoulder up to her ear... Literally nothing else matters when I'm in these moments, it's like being in another world. This is when I create, this is when I'm in the studio, this is when I call my life mine, I create exactly what I want and I own it completely. I've found this place within my sex life and my art that's so different but at the same time, exactly the same. My appetite for sex has cost me a lot but it's taught me lessons that I could only learn through those hardship's. Sex is art, this is where I started being creative. I was never a footy or cricket guy, this was my creative outlet and I've pushed it just as far as I've pushed my art. Good news is, I'll never stop pushing either 😈 #gypsywhereyouat #happyfriday @sallymustang

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We had a chat with @mitchgobel_resinart to discover the man behind the online account.

Where are you from? How did you end up living here?

I grew up on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Only recently I've moved up to Byron but it already feels like home more than anywhere that I lived before.

I've been a professional artist for around two years now, but I've been practising my art for about four years.

I've never studied any form of art, I'm completely self-taught.

Becoming a professional artist happened really authentically for me, I was always working a full time job when I started my art and it was just a hobby.

As my understanding of resin grew, so did the idea that I could turn it into a career and the rest is history. It's a really long story.

Where do you live?

I am actually based in Ewingsdale. It's a beautiful house with all the Byron perks, minus the crowds, my girlfriend Sally (Mustang) and I like our privacy. Haha.

Honestly, I think Valentine's Day is a pretty poor excuse to make an effort for your loved one. Caring for, surprising and doing what you can to make sure he or she know how much you appreciate them should be a regular thing. Once you find a real connection with that super special someone, nothing else really matters. Since meeting this little bundle of golden gypsy @sallymustang ☀️ she's been the source of my ambition to create something more than I have. She's literally changed my world - she's changed the way I see it. She's made me appreciate the beauty around me that I never really recognised before. She's motivated me to push myself and I have been. I know how lucky I am, I know how many people are constantly wanting to spend time with her and obviously I know why. When I'm with this gypsy, no matter what - it's all f🙊🙊king good! and I appreciate it every time I wake up next to her, every time she kisses me, every time she laughs and every time she says something crazy (which is often). Valentine's Day is way overrated... 'Date night' is something the Gypsy and I created to make sure that no matter how much we both have going on with work - we put 100% of that afternoon/ evening towards one another and it's something we do weekly.... We usually spend half the day preparing a feast for us, we have a few drinks, we watch a sunset or appreciate nature in some way and then.... Well you'll be hearing a little more about date night tomorrow ahaha 🙉🙊🙈 I just love our love @sallymustang the words to describe what you mean to me simply do not exist, I'll forever be speechless 😍😘🌻🌺

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When did you start your business? Is it mostly online?

Business officially started in July 2014.

I've since been represented by some of Australia's best galleries but I'm now completely online.

With Instagram growing the way it is, I'll never need to pay a commission on sales again.

For anyone in the art industry, social media platforms such as Instagram can be incredibly powerful. It's a huge amount of work initially but if you can do it right, it's worth it.

How do you describe your artwork?

Resin looks like glass. It starts as a transparent liquid, like honey, which then has coloured pigments mixed into it, including metallic pigments and glitters.

When you look into it, you can literally see inside the art, some parts are tranparent, others opaque.

The first time people see resin art it usually blows their mind, as it did mine. It's really hard to try an understand without going through the entire process of creating the artwork.

Why is it that you decided to make your Instagram posts so sexy?

Sex is a huge part of my life, it's a huge part of who I am and the reason behind many of the situations - good and bad, that have shaped me and made me who I am as an artist.

I believe that all experiences through life, big or small contribute to what any artist creates and subconsciously there is a reason behind why I create, what I create in the way that I do.

I want people to see more than just pretty colours and designs when they look at my work, I want them to see a story and I think that being open about sex and our mentality on it has helped a lot of people to see that.

What kind of feedback do you get from your posts?

It's definitely controversial! But 90% has been incredibly supportive and many people have even thanked us for inspiring them with our posts and helping them to be more open with their partners, which is a huge part of what we're trying to achieve with these posts.

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