The 100 mile Cake Bake challenge

HOW many people can you feed on a 100 mile cake?

Truth is, it will fill the stomach about the same as any old regular cake; but it will line the pockets of local businesses, farmers and producers so much more.

A 100 mile, or 160 kilometre, cake is not named because of its size. The distance refers to where its ingredients are sourced and Mardi Iversen believes that makes it a better, more satisfying cake.

“To me, local is more important than organic,” the owner of Riverside Espresso Bar in Brunswick Heads said.

“We've been getting a name for that slowly, for using as many local products and services as possible.

“It is a bit risky because sometimes you pay more, but it just makes sense - it's about the freshness of the food, the vitality of the ingredients.”

The cafe is sponsoring a unique challenge called the 100 Mile Cake Bake, and is asking anyone who can create a cake made from ingredients sourced within a 160km radius of Brunswick Heads - which gives an area that extends north past Brisbane, west to Stanthorpe, and south past Grafton to draw from - to step forward.

The idea came from the Brunswick Heads Chamber of Commerce, which is organising the event at a time to be confirmed, but is likely to be early in the new year.

The concept of 'food miles' was coined in 1991 by UK food policy expert Professor Tim Lang, of London's City University, and is a measure of how far food travels from where it is grown to where it is bought and consumed.

The chamber is also pushing the concept of a 100 mile cafe and 100 mile diet challenge.

“The concept provides some focus for us to think about what we eat and where it comes from,” campaign co-ordinator Kim Rosen said.

“You can start with a single meal, a 100 mile day, a one week commitment, or do the 100 mile diet as a family or group challenge.

“We are blessed with several farmers' markets in the area and have great growing conditions for backyard vegie patches. Brunswick is also a fisherman's paradise.”

The 100 Mile Cake Bake is part of the Buy Local campaign running throughout Brunswick Heads this month.

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