Break in's have been reported by the community in Lismore.
Break in's have been reported by the community in Lismore. Tom Weber

Terrifying break-ins have residents on edge

LISMORE residents have been left shaken after experiencing every person's nightmare - a home invasion.

Girards Hill resident Tahlia Hyde said she was "freaking out" and warned residents to sleep with one eye open after she found an intruder in their garage.

"My partner found a random guy hiding in our garage," Ms Hyde said on the Lismore Information Exchange Facebook page.

"He left female underwear behind and also left blood in our sink.

"My partner didn't see much as it was dark and we don't have a light in our garage.

"We didn't hear him enter the garage as we were watching TV and my partner just went to get the washing off the line and saw him in there, so it was defiantly a shock for him to find the guy in there.

"All the info I have is he wasn't wearing a shirt, had baggy pants on and had to hold up as he ran away and was about six foot two.

"He also apparently smelt like laundry detergent.

"Please make sure your garage, car, under house etc are locked if you live in the area. Apparently he's been to other houses in the area according to neighbours.

"If anyone has had anything happen like this around the area, please let us know."

It appears the laundry left behind by the man could have belonged to another resident in the area, Jasmine Knight-Smith, after a man showed up on her doorstop pretending to have a heart attack, then stopped her from calling emergency services and requested to come inside.

Ms Knight-Smith wrote on the post that the detergent smell would have been from the man covering himself in her laundry before entering Ms Hyde's place.

The post has certainly sparked interest with community members.

The hundreds of comments included a terrifying experience from Stacey Hourigan from last year.

"Had same thing... he was in my bedroom and flicked a lighter (while he) was on top of me and asked if I wanted to smoke with him," Ms Hourigan wrote.

"Then after making him leave through my kitchen and out (the) gate, when I went back in (the) bedroom he was trying climb in my room again and I said, 'I'm ringing police'. It was so scary.

"They caught him but found he done it to about 10 or more other women and young girls and teens."

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