Butterfly Effect set to impact

IF IT’S true the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Sydney could set off a cyclone in Darwin then local music fans had better be prepared for the coming of The Butterfly Effect when they land at the Great Northern Hotel on Sunday.

The Butterfly Effect has been together since 1999, and is made up of Ben Hall (drummer), Kurt Geodhart (guitars), Clint Boge (vocals) and Glenn Esmond (bass).

Over the years, they have built a solid reputation for blitzing live performances, with word spreading to the UK and beyond. The band has just returned from their third overseas tour, where they managed to envelop most of Europe with their unique brand of harmonic chaos.

“I really love the overseas tours,” co-founder and drummer Ben Hall says. “There are lots of new places to play over there. In Australia it’s a lot of the same venues, but in Europe everything is new and interesting to us. But it would be nice to just go there for a holiday some time, not just get in and out.”

If The Butterfly Effect are aching for a break from the thumping grind of recording and touring it would be no surprise. They have just recorded their third album, Final Conversation of Kings, which debuted at number three on the national ARIA top 50 albums chart and number one on the ARIA Australian top 50 albums chart. The album has gone gold – their third consecutive gold album award.

“It’s good. I love being busy,” Hall says. “When you’re busy you’re working and your mind is ticking over.”

With songs on their new album entitled Worlds on Fire and In These Hands there is an air of angst and driving rock that Hall feels reaches the 20-plus year old crowd.

“Our fan base is loyal, although not young,” he explains. “We don’t seem to have a great reach across the under-20 age group.”

Hall classes the band’s music as alternative rock, with a bit of metal thrown in for good measure.

“I think we’re ever evolving,” he says. “These days we all have our own thing. All the songs begin from a guitar or bass idea generally. Kurt may have the initial idea. Generally we may adopt a storyline (for an album). Clint is our lyricist, so he will put the words to the music.”

Hall recounts how with their first album, Begins Here, the band felt they had made ‘the one’, the ultimate album, but as time went on they realised that a process was involved.

“Now, whatever record we make, we simply want it to be a good representation of where we are at, at that time,” he says. “And make good songs as well.”

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