ABOVE: Charly getting on as the new swell hit.
ABOVE: Charly getting on as the new swell hit.

Teasing tides may turn SE

WE could be forgiven for thinking that Huey has been playing games with us, as the swell dropped to a new low last weekend.

But fear not, this weekend looks like it might be a little better.

The week started out with a building south swell from yet another low moving out of the Bight and into the Tasman Sea.

It spent a couple of days just teasing us with straight southerly lines marching north on the horizon. But a bit began to reach us by Tuesday.

As Wednesday approached the swell jacked.

But where it did hit there was so much water moving around that it was pretty much unrideable, save for some of the points in the south of our region.

By this coming weekend the overall swell size should be reducing yet again. But not completely this time as it's showing signs of swinging from the direct south to the south east. This could be good news. If it does we'll see a better swell direction and more manageable size at most spots with less mess and chaos at others.

As this current low moves further to the north in the Tasman we may well be spoilt with a little more choice this coming weekend. The forecasters are saying that we can expect 2-3m of abating south to southeast swell.

But I'm not sure. I reckon by Saturday it will be southeast swinging almost to the east, pushing in about the 1.5-1m mark.

Although smaller than predicted, this should place some reasonably ridable waves on most beaches, not a bad thing.

Sunday could be influenced by another huge low pressure system currently in the Bight, depending on how fast it moves.

Yet the high over the continent right now is a monster too, and it's holding that low at bay.

It'll be a battle of the titans to see which system becomes the most dominant.

My money is on the low, meaning southwest to northwest winds Saturday swinging west to southwest Sunday and Monday.

Then the majority of the next swell not arriving till mid next week.

So this weekend looks like we'll get served a little more but still once again bigger during the weekdays.

Of course I could wrong, after all, Huey pretty much does whatever it likes, as it likes, when it likes and that's just the way it is.

Remember, have fun, wait your turn and surf today like you want to surf again tomorrow.

Ben 'Bear' Bennink is a former professional longboarder and retired NSSA master coach. He writes for Pacific Longboarder Magazine and lives in Byron Bay where he is editor ofinbyronbaytoday.com.

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