Tasmania's south west region is a wilderness worth exploring

Christina Pfeiffer

Tasmania's southwest is a mysterious and remote landscape that is surprisingly accessible on a day trip from Hobart

From the sky, shimmering aquamarine-coloured bays wrap around sandy beaches that fringe a vast sea of tea tree, banksia and eucalypts. We fly over jagged peaks, wild rivers, a rugged coastline and mysterious-sounding places like Prion Bay and Precipitous Bluff. 

I'm looking down on Tasmania's Southwest National Park, which occupies a vast area of this remote corner of the island state. Parts of the wilderness are more than 50 km from the nearest road and in most places the only access is by foot, boat or airplane. 

Our aircraft lands on a white gravel landing strip at Melaleuca. We pile out and walk along the winding boardwalk into the wilderness of Port Davey Marine Reserve. The reserve extends inland for more than 20km to the north and east and is a patchwork of button grass moorlands, heathlands, rivers, bays and estuaries. 

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