Tarot reader's new direction on the cards

I FOUND the tarot when it jumped out at me in a silver box in Dymocks' window. It was a lot of money at the time as I was really sick with no income, but I had to have it.

For me it's been an important tool for healing. It started me reading about mythology and comparative religions and Jung and all sorts of healing books.

The tarot is a door into the vastness of who we are as human beings.

People say to me: 'What's it all about?' Well it very rarely doesn't tell you anything that you don't at some level already know. It's like getting in a lift at the top of your psyche and going down to the ground floor and going 'Oh that's what's down there!' You press the button and go up to the next floor and go 'Ah'. By the time you get back to the conscious level you've brought to the surface all the images and wisdom that we intuitively have and can work with it.

After three years of study I became a professional member of the Tarot Guild of Australia.

I have a double major in psychology and worked as an English teacher but as I didn't want to go back to teaching I began reading cards. I thought if the cards have been so helpful to me, they may help others. You can use tarot as a fortune-telling tool but I use it as a tool for self-awareness, for helping to make decisions.

Often people come to me when they're at a crossroads. So I ask them what they want to achieve and look at how the tarot represents that and the path towards it. My readings are conversational and mutual.

I've learnt traditional card meanings and from there I improvise intuitively. I tend to see tarot card reading as counselling with pictures.

At the moment I'm a reader who does counselling and I'd like to be a counsellor who uses tarot among other things as a tool. So I'm starting a Masters of Counselling next year.

People often burst into tears because what's going on for them is all on the table. But readings can be fun. Often we fall about laughing.

There's a quote I love: “Any quandary can best be resolved once it is viewed symbolically as though in a dream. Once we have the imagery we can work on it imaginatively, bypassing the tyranny of depressing realism.”

Laura Fitzgerald Tarot Card Reader Phone: 0427 298 419

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