Fashion stylist refers to women's breasts as 'bangers' in ad

Target ad calling women's breasts 'bangers' causes outrage

A TARGET TV ad in which a well-known British fashion stylist refers to women's breasts as "assets" and "bangers" has been cleared of breaching Australia's advertising code of ethics.

The Advertising Standards Bureau received a number of complaints about the department store's ad, featuring Gok Wan, with a number of people claiming it was "distasteful" and degraded women.

In the ad Mr Wan says he is all about a "woman's assets" before going on to say 85% of women don't know their correct bra size.

A number of women wearing undies are shown being measured for a bra or walking down a catwalk, with Mr Wan saying "your bangers will never feel more loved".

"I am offended by Gok calling women's breast 'bangers'. Women's breasts don't bang in any form. In Australia bangers are sausages. Our breasts are not sausages. It is degrading to women's bodies, embarrassing and disrespectful," one of the complaints read.

In assessing the complaints the ASB ruled the ad, which is just one in a series of ads featuring Mr Wan, did not breach any sections of the Advertiser Code of Ethics.

The board conceded the word "bangers" was not commonly used in Australia to describe women's breasts and might be offensive to some people.

But the board ruled the use of the word was discriminatory and could not be categorised as obscene language in this context.

"The board considered that the overall tone of the advertisement is positive and light-hearted and is intended to draw the attention of women to the various bras available in store and also to the fact that it is important to purchase the correct bra size," the board's decision read.

Further, the board found the women in the ad were "not portrayed in a sexualised manner", adding it treated "sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity to the relevant audience".

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