Talk about poor service from telco

DOUG Behn can't figure out how a company in the communications business can be so bad at communicating with its own customers.

The Evans Head resident, who owns and operates an automotive workshop, has had no internet access since last Thursday.

He said he had made so many phone calls to Telstra, speaking to a number of staff on several continents, in his attempt to find out what the problem was that his "ear got sore".

Mr Behn said nobody he spoke to on the phone could tell him exactly what the problem was.

He finally received some answers from a local technician working on the ground in Evans Head.

The technician told him the problem would be fixed by today.

The internet outage meant Mr Behn was unable to do registration checks or pay bills.

Telstra said an optic fibre fault at one of the exchanges between Goonellabah and Evans Head had caused an internet outage for 300 broadband customers in Evans Head.

Telstra said it received the first report there was a problem at 6.18pm on Friday.

Telstra North Coast general manager Sue Passmore said a small card, which was like a computer chip, was faulty and that it had caused the outage.

Technicians were required to find the problem in order to isolate the card and replace it.

At 4.24pm yesterday, Mr Behn contacted The Northern Star to say his internet connection had just resumed working.

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