Taking birthing in the right direction

IT IS good to see some steps are being taken in the right direction in the birthing industry.

For too long families expecting a child had limited choices.

The most common path led women to a birthing suite at a major hospital. This option saw women attend their GPs for check-ups until the time came to travel to antenatal clinics at the hospital in which they planned to give birth.

When the time came to make the dash to hospital, women and their partners could expect to be greeted at the counter and in the birthing suite by an unknown set of faces.

Another option was to pay thousands for the services of a private midwife who would be on-call throughout the pregnancy and birth, which was often held at home. This path had become increasingly narrow as midwives fought for the indemnity insurance they needed to continue practising.

Many would contend the best place for a woman giving birth was somewhere with the medical expertise and equipment to help if things went wrong.

But birth, especially with low-risk

pregnancies, does not need to be regarded as a medical procedure.

Mullumbimby Hospital is one institution providing a middle path for women wanting a continuity of care and the support of a hospital should medical intervention be required.

It is no wonder families are lining up to take advantage of this common sense


Call it preventive medicine.

If a woman is feeling relaxed and in control of the birthing process, problems are less likely to arise.

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