Bowlo's new security system lets cops track crims by DNA

A STATE of the art criminal marking system has been installed at the Cherry Street Sports Club, making it the first venue in the Ballina Shire to embrace the new technology.

General manager of the club, Tere Sheehan, said DNA Guardian was a "major investment" for the future of the club.

"This is not in response to recent break-ins - we haven't had anything like that happen here at the club," he said.

BRIGHT INVENTION: An example of the dye used in the unit. Photo Contributed
BRIGHT INVENTION: An example of the dye used in the unit. Photo Contributed

"I have experienced a couple of armed hold-ups in my past job and it's pretty bloody horrible.

"One time it happened at 5.20pm on a Friday, and we had 40 people in the venue.

"The criminals were going around with a loaded gun; it was a scary situation.

"I don't want my staff or my patrons to have to go through that."

The DNA Guardian system has been a major investment for the Cherry Street Sports Club.

Mr Sheehan conceded it was expensive.

"But what price can you put on a staff member's life? I think this is a good initiative," he said.

"We will do anything to ensure our staff and our patrons are safe."

DNA Guardian works by spraying a fine mist over the criminals as they leave a business after breaking in.

Each business has a unique DNA-encoded mist which will stain the skin and clothes of the criminal, and only reveal itself under UV light.

The mist can stay on a person's skin for up to three months and on the clothes for much longer.

Better yet, criminals don't even know they've been sprayed - even a fully covered and masked villain will get inhalation marks of the non-toxic mist around their noses and mouth.

Business development manager for DNA Security Systems, Jeffre Murray, said the system was a successful tool to help fight against criminals.

One pharmacy in Newcastle had experienced three armed hold-ups in 18 months until the owners installed a DNA Guardian system.

"Lucy the pharmacist thought she was going to lose the business; staff wanted to leave and none of the customers were coming back," Mr Murray said. "We put it in, the guy came back within six days, he got sprayed and he was put in prison that night.

"The police said he was glowing like a Christmas tree."

Mr Sheehan said the system had led to a 95% reduction in crime at about 1000 businesses from Adelaide to Rockhampton and had a 100% conviction rate.

"Knowing that they will be walking around with the crime scene on them for up to six weeks is an enormous deterrent; CCTV is not enough."

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