Swimming hole's future explored

"THE creek pool: repair or remove it?" is the theme of the community forum to be staged today by the Bangalow Community Alliance today from 6-8pm at the Bangalow Anglican Church Hall.

Speakers have been invited from the Department of Fisheries, Rous Water, the Office of Water NSW, Department of Environment and Heritage, Byron Shire Council, Bangalow Land and Rivercare and Bangalow Historical Society.

The meeting will explore what the Bangalow community would like to happen to the disintegrating wall of the 90-year-old swimming pool in the Byron Creek.

A council study in 2008 designated the swimming hole in the Deacon St Public Park for listing as a heritage item.

Late in 2011 the council built a barbed-wire-topped fence around part of the creek pool due to safety concerns.

Bangalow Land and Rivercare Group president David Port said that the meeting should discuss possible solutions for the problem; whether the community wants to restore the weir to its former glory or remove it completely.

A third option would be removing most of the weir, leaving a smaller swimming hole and dropping the water level.

The organisers would like the council to commission an options study based on the results of today's meeting so a final course of action is established.

The degradation of the weir may have also affected local wildlife. Mr Port said that there used to be a solid habitat of creek front extending along 2km that has been severely affected by the drop in water levels.

"Platypus burrows are affected due to changes in temperature and moisture. This impacts their reproduction cycle, which happens at this time of the year," Mr Port said.





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