Former A Current Affairs journalist Ben McCormack (centre) leaves Sydney's Downing Centre court on Tuesday.
Former A Current Affairs journalist Ben McCormack (centre) leaves Sydney's Downing Centre court on Tuesday. DAVID MOIR

Survivor in disbelief at claims by 'proud pedo'

FORMER child star and abuse survivor Sarah Monahan has expressed her disappointment in former A Current Affair reporter Ben McCormack, who has pleaded guilty to child porn charges.

Hey Dad! actor Ms Monahan had worked closely with McCormack throughout A Current Affair's investigation into her abuser, lead actor in the series, Robert Hughes.

McCormack was the lead reporter in the program's investigation that led to Hughes's arrest and eventual conviction on pedophile charges.

The A Current Affair reporter, who resigned from the network after he was sensationally arrested by the same police sex crime unit that investigated Hughes, admitted on Tuesday to two counts of using a carriage service to transmit child pornography.

On Instagram, Ms Monahan said she was in "total disbelief” after McCormack's shock plea.

"I had hoped there was a better explanation. Maybe he was doing research for a story. Maybe it was taken out of context,” she wrote.

"Then reading the news this morning, I understood what friends of Robert's must have felt like.

"That total disbelief that someone could have such a double life. That you could be so easily fooled into believing someone was a decent person.

"The total disappointment in them for their actions, and in yourself for letting this person into your world.

"Sad that the journey you went through together was a lie.”

Ms Monahan said she felt anger for allowing McCormack into her home.

She said she had experienced "the wonder of what they were thinking when they were relaying the guilty verdict (for Hughes) to you, live from court”.

The child protection advo- cate said she was "pretty numb” and offered "hugs” to everyone who felt the same.

McCormack is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to two child porn charges. Court documents made available after his plea revealed the 43-year-old didn't believe he could escape his attraction to small boys because they were too "beautiful”.

In conversations between McCormack and another man, and discovered by police on a social networking site, the star reporter confessed he favoured boys as young as seven because they had "perfect bodies” and he was a "proud pedo, proud b (boy) lover”.

The agreed facts state police never found any videos or photographs of child pornography transmitted by McCormack, but the conversations showed the men exchanged images.

His solicitor Sam Macedone told reporters that McCormack did not trade any images of children and insisted the charges related to nothing more than "fantasy talk”.

McCormack was remanded on bail to be sentenced next Friday, October 6 in Sydney District Court.

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