Mikey making the most of a quiet moment.
Mikey making the most of a quiet moment. Slideaholics

Surfing: Things could get interesting this weekend

LAST weekend was kind of a bummer, to be honest.

The low pressure trough stalled inland, tracked further north, then crossed the coast as a series of storms followed by a northwest wind change.

End result: short period northerly wind swell and too much wind.

Such is life.

The good news is we may get another shot at the goods this weekend.

There is another system of lows linked by a surface trough tracking east across the continent.

This time, however, it’s also linked by a surface trough to a deeper low that tracked through the bight this week.

If the two systems interact then things could get interesting.

It could really help to feed the low that’s about to intensify in the middle of The Tasman.

Here’s how it could play out. The low over the continent should have crossed the coast by today.

Around the same time, the more southerly low swings up into southern end of the Tasman today pushed from further south by a decent sized high, and then below that another large low.

This will generate and continue to feed a strong southerly fetch up the east coast, while the low in the middle Tasman will intensify somewhere between us and New Zealand.

This could provide us with a new mid period south swell very soon.

It’s most likely to start off from the straight south, probably later today.

As this low tracks quickly to the east, we’ll see the swell swing around to the southeast for most of the weekend as it begins to abate.

This will then be backed up, as a smaller second pulse arrives about two days later.

The two systems could really work together nicely.

How big it gets remains to be seen.

Some of the estimates are pretty wild at 3m plus, but I’m going to keep it a little more conservative.

I believe that 1.5-2.2m would be about the maximum we could expect from this.

There is another Southern Ocean low stalling beneath the high near Tasmania; that keep feed us a third pulse from the south later next week.

However it’s a long way off. Best look into that after the weekend passes.

Stay safe, wait your turn, and surf today like you want surf again tomorrow.

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