Surfing: Winds of change have arrived, so have the waves

WELL, it's all going on right now - the bay is absolutely heaving with humanity.

If you're looking for a quiet wave, you may like to head a little north or south of Byron because the bay itself has just been gridlocked since Boxing Day.

The good news is the winds of change have arrived, and so have the waves.

As I tap this out we'd be getting close to nearly a week of consistent swell.

The direction is a little more southerly than one would expect for this time of year, but we've had waves none the less.

So there are a lot of people finally showing some ear to ear grins.


So, how about the first weekend for 2016 - are we going get served up some surf or not?

Well, the short answer is yes.

The slightly longer answer is yes, but it could get blown out by another bout of northerly winds early next week.

However I suspect that east to north easterlies are more likely to blow and hopefully they won't last as long as we were getting before the holidays.

Now as for the swell, there's a couple of lows in south-western Pacific that may develop in tropical lows next week.

At the moment the chances are not good for anything cyclonic, but they should at least generate some easterly trade wind swell next week.

Closer to home, there's the still consistent south to south-east swell that's been running all week.


FAR LEFT: Kian in free flight.
FAR LEFT: Kian in free flight.

It should swing more around to the east south-east and then to the east as the weekend rolls on, all the time slowly dropping in size from 2.5m down to around 1.8m by the time it goes easterly proper.

Still that's a nice little pulse of swell to keep us all happy until we get an opportunity to take a closer look at whether the lows in the Pacific make it over into the Coral Sea or not.

Remember folks, it's been pretty radically crowded at some spots, so make sure you load up your patience as well your boards.

Stay safe, wait your turn, and surf today like you want surf again tomorrow.

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