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Superfoods: Enhance your lifestyle and wellbeing

CALLING all healthy cooks.

It's time to show off your recipes for a chance to be published and to win some of great prizes.

Bangalow home economist Jody Vassallo is one of the judges behind Australia's first crowd-sourced Superfoods Cookbook and Guide.

The award-winning recipe writer and food stylist who has spent the last 20 years creating recipes that inspire people to eat well says the cookbook will give everyday budding chefs the chance to share their exciting new recipes as well as grab $25,000 in prizes including kitchen and cookware.

She says the Bioglan Superfoods Project is now open to all Australians who want to share their healthy recipes and inspire others to cook nutritious meals.

Jody is one of a panel of judges that includes Jennifer Hawkins, who is the ambassador for Bioglan SuperFood and Jacqueline Alwill, a nutritionist, personal trainer and mother who is passionate about healthy eating.

Jennifer says: "The SuperFoods Project is about showcasing Australia's inspirational healthy cooks and advocates, and to inspire people to make healthy food choices. And, as a part of the judging panel I'm really looking forward to seeing (and tasting) what Australia is made of!"

So what is a superfood and what should you be focusing on for a chance to win?

According to Jacqueline: "Superfoods are a unique group of incredibly nutritionally dense foods that can truly enhance your health.

"We have a great understanding of their healing potential through ancient civilisations' use of these foods in their staple diet and therapeutically."

She says the key to superfoods in your diet is frequency and creativity.

"You will see changes to your health by consistently integrating superfoods within meals and snacks throughout the day," she explained.

Jody agrees: "Adding superfoods to your diet will lead to increased energy and vitality and better immunity.

"Think of eating superfoods like taking a super vitamin pill, only they are natural."

With the help of the other judges, she will be going through recipe entries and choosing which ones to test.

"The winning recipes will then be shot at a studio in Sydney," said Jody.

And, as for what she is looking for as a judge, Jody offers these tips: "The recipes should be simple and not contain too many hard-to-find ingredients.

"I encourage people to enter fresh, healthy recipes using superfoods.

"They also need to remember that sometimes the simplest combinations create the best recipes."

During her impressive career, Jody has authored 30 cookbooks including ones for people with diabetes, celiac disease and a range of food intolerances and allergies.

She has also worked as a consultant for Jamie's Ministry of Food, helping in the setting up of their centres and food trucks.

"I also write a diet blog for Jamie Oliver's website," says Jody, who describes Jamie as an inspirational person to work with.

Jody has a new cookbook, Beautiful Food that is based on the concept of eating for your Ayurvedic body type, out on October 1.

If you want to enter a superfoods recipe, better get out your food processor and your best pots and pans and get cracking.

Competition is expected to be intense.



Superfoods can include everything from broccoli, blueberries and oats to quinoa, oily fish, spinach, nuts and seeds, brown rice and more. When creating superfoods recipes, cooks are encouraged to consider taste just as much as nutritional benefits.

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