Sun-filled days colour gardens

WHILE the spring weather provides us with gorgeous sunny days, we're coming out of the winter hibernation and starting to fill the vegie patch and flower garden with a good assortment of plants.

And perhaps you're all finishing off, as we are, the last of the winter crop.

You may enjoy the photo of the second last of our lettuces that went in about six weeks ago, which is a green oakleaf variety planted from seedlings.

We used a tiny quantity of Osmocote under each plant, watered them in well and followed up with Seasol/Powerfeed combined to overcome the poor-draining soil in that part of the garden.

The accompanying photo shows the one picked last week, which thrived so well that we shared it with two of our neighbours.


Plant of the week

A gorgeous eye-catcher we've been planning to include for many weeks is the flamboyant orange trumpet creeper (Pyrostegia venusta).

Happily, the Sunshine Coast is an ideal place to grow this beautiful Brazilian climber, also known as golden shower.

They are still flowering, having started in autumn.

Most of them will continue for several weeks yet, with their bright orange, tubular flowers catching every passers-by attention.

In our climate, orange trumpet creeper is evergreen.

Its major requirement is adequate water during the flowering period to encourage more flowers, especially as this is our usually dry period.

They are ideal for hedging along the fence line or on a trellis or pergola to provide shade and they make a lovely statement over an archway.


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