Mike putting a beat up old stick through its paces.
Mike putting a beat up old stick through its paces.

South swell arrived too late for weekend surfers

THAT little hint of south swell did eventually arrive, but sadly the first of it was not to be seen before Sunday night.

The end result was that once again we were treated to a fairly lame weekend of tiny, short period wind swell and very ordinary waves.

So it is that the dreaded North Coast spring pattern is still holding sway.

We all know the drill; there is no real mystery to it.

The systems just move around too fast and the wind changes direction too often.

It only blows short fetch and therefore tends to produce very short period wind swell.

Then along comes the change in wind direction.

We get a window of a couple of hours if we're lucky before it blows the swell flat.

By the time the new swell arrives from the change, the wind swings back to the north yet again, and robs it of any size or power, and so it goes.

Taj boosting a little shorey.
Taj boosting a little shorey. Httpwwwslideaholicscom

I can't talk for you guys.

But it's usually around now that I find myself desperately longing for the summer trade winds.

They don't always produce brilliant surf, but at least there's a greater chance of a small and consistent east swell to toy with while we're waiting.

The reason I mention the trades mid-spring is this.

Although the real trade winds pattern is a long way away yet, there's an odd couple of highs that could do a little trade wind impersonation over the next few days.

Whether we get waves from this remains to be seen.

But we should at least see a more easterly direction to the same old spring wind swells that are likely to be dished up yet again.

No point getting too excited as none of the patterns that have played out over the last few weeks have paid dividends.

But this weekend I dare to be hopeful.

We should be able to expect a little increase in swell size during Saturday.

As the swell shifts more to the east and increases from 0.5-1m while shifting from (4-5secs) to (8-10secs) in period.

Sunday will hopefully see this trend continue as the east swell settles into a nice 1-1.5m at (9-11secs).

This is all a bit sketchy and depends on the current twin highs staying in place.

But it's the best bet we've had for a few weeks.

So if it all holds I'd be aiming at Sunday for waves.

The wind will be E/SE Saturday and E/NE Sunday - very similar to a summer trade. But that is where the similarities end.

The pattern won't hold up for long as another southerly will push up through the Tasman Sea.

Whether this one delivers the goods or is yet another springtime hoax.

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