Suicide Silence set a new level of brutal

Suicide Silence play Brisbane at the Wolly Mammoth as part of their Australian tour. Photo Asagai Images
Suicide Silence play Brisbane at the Wolly Mammoth as part of their Australian tour. Photo Asagai Images Contributed

Suicide Silence

Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane QLD

4th September, 2016

Supports - Disentomb, Graves, Boris the Blade

It was hard to know what to expect from the night as it was the first gig I had attended at the Woolly Mammoth in Fortitude Valley.

But I just loved the way the bottom was packed with people bouncing and jiggling to the latest pop songs and you walk into the upstairs venue and it is the most brutal metal in the darkest room filled with people dressed all in black.

Very cool.

I got their early to make sure to catch Disentomb and there were a number of other punters already lined up.

I was pleasantly surprised that the venue downstairs at that stage was quiet and good place to grab a chilled drink separate from the gig venue upstairs.

But that was short lived as a raced up stairs to catch the first band.

Upstairs worked, although the stage was a little small, but the lighting setup was very dynamic and there was a fairly large bar.

The only catch was it got very hot and very sweaty very quickly.

Despite the smaller audience Disentomb put on a tight masterful performance with a huge sound and a very old school vibe.

I was surprised to see just one guitarist.

But their sound was large and their stage presence held its own, obviously something they have refined during their tour supporting The Black Dahlia Murder in the US.

Most people seemed suitably impressed and there was a healthy interest in the merch after the show.

Graves were on next and they were easily as enthusiastic while seemingly quiet comfortable and relaxed on stage.

The five piece representing Wollongong hardcore are seasoned tourers after supporting Prom Queen, Thy Art is Murder and Northlane and are proving they are band to watch.

Although on this particular night their sound seemed to be much louder than the other bands and the mix didn't quite match the sound they were going for.

I'm not sure whether the guitars needed to go up or the vocals down, but I felt I couldn't quiet hear the just of their music.

At this point a quick breather downstairs revealed another interesting facet about the venue - there was a wedding right next door in one of other rooms.

As hilarious as that was it got even funnier later in the evening when a few of the bridal party came in and watched wide eyed as Suicide Silence tore the stage apart.

I think the bride even disappeared into a throng of black metal -shirt to get a better look.

Boris the Blade hit the stage and had no intention of letting Graves or Disentomb upstage them.

I was surprised that their show felt a lot more hardcore than their album did.

Their album is this very heavy, brutal, technically tight chunk of deathcore, but live Daniel Sharp on vocals just really seemed to remind me of the New York hardcore scene.

It was infectious, entertaining, brutal and well worth seeing.

The band were tight and standing back from the stage a little, the guitar tone was perfect.

The music felt dynamic, groovy and heavy.

While all three support acts were great I was really curious to see what Suicide Silence would bring to such a small stage.

The last time they played was at Soundwave which was one of their first gigs with vocalist Eddie Hermida.

After a quick soundcheck the band exploded on stage and Eddie, looking dramatically thinner, just went ballistic.

It was actually quiet awe inspiring.

The band did not hold back one iota and as they progressed through the set list, the sound was refined, the energy harnessed, and the brutal focus was channelled into the pit.

And you could see everyone was happy as the band started to smile between songs and really seemed to be enjoying it, apart from a minor mishap with Mark's pedal board late in the set.

'Fuck Everything' obviously got the biggest response from the crowd and it sounded huge but for me it was the other songs that stood out on the night.

'Unanswered', 'No Pity for a Coward', 'Cease to Exist', 'Slaves to Substance' were all in there.

It was definitely one of the top live gigs I have seen this year and the songs from You Can't Stop Me really translated well live.

The sound was just so thick, tight and chunky and Eddie really was very dynamic and entertaining.

TO be honest it was amazing to see this powerhouse of a band on a tight stage with no bells and whistles and just the music to stake their claim.

A quick tease of a Korn song Blind had the crowd going ballistic but they quickly stopped and change into 'Bludgeoned to Death' before ending it all with the only song left to play. 'You Only Live Once'.

In my opinion every fan left drained, broken and happy and emerging into the throng of the valley nightlife you were really reminded at the purity of the set we had all just witnessed.

No bullshit, no hangups, no egos - just the most intense music on the face of the planet.

Hopefully fans realise that Suicide Silence is more than just Mitch Lucker and with new music on the way I hope the band do a quick turn around and are on Australian soil again soon.

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