William Dallmann holds Sam Hudson on the mat.
William Dallmann holds Sam Hudson on the mat.

Successful judo competition

THE 2011 PCYC Judo competition was held at Lismore PCYC over the weekend and visitors from Brisbane and the Toowoomba region competed.

Instructor Alan Foley said that with about 100 abled and special needs competitors aged from 10 to adults, it was a successful day.

"The numbers were good, but I was particularly pleased with the special needs players," he said.

"They're the ones that can show us that almost anything is possible.

"The results are always positive.

"And the change I've seen in young Quinlyn Seikot over the past few months is astounding. It was great to see him compete.

"Abled competitor Cameron Blewitt, 13, lives at Yamba and has difficulty coming to training but he won his bout.

"First-time competitors Adam Ryan and Kodii Stephen won their men's novice and 11-years girls' bouts respectively.

"And finally, based on competition results, Norika Wright, 11, was named Junior Player of the Year."

Meanwhile, another fighting art form is available on the far north coast for people interested in self-discipline and building their character.

Mejan Hillier displayed her awareness of an imaginary opponent and undertook moves to overcome that, using a sword.

A practitioner for about five years, Hillier demonstrated Iaido katas to a captivate audience at the recent judo competition held at the Lismore PCYC.

"There are 12 katas to learn. It's not competitive and one does not have an opponent," she said.

For more information about Iaido, Hillier can be contacted at: mejan3@gmail.com



Lismore PCYC Results:

Cameron Blewitt, 13; Dan Perry, under 70kg; Bianca Phillips, 15, and Girl Cadets; Adam Ryan, Men's Novice in his first tournament; Kodii Stephen, 11; Caleb Wilmoth, 10; Heidi Wright, 15; and Norika Wright, 11.

Special Needs: David Brink and Alison Rose won in their divisions, and Wendy Lynch placed third. Wilson Park duo Amy Czartowski and Jordan Stanborough finished second and third respectively.

Instructor Alan Foley and Barbara Miller each won in their divisions.

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