Students call for principal sacking

THE tears of despair were turning to anger by yesterday afternoon.

A group of Mullumbimby High students are planning a mass walk-out from the school at 10am today calling for the sacking of principal Ian Graham.

The teenagers say they have the support of much of the school community, including some parents.

“He (Ian Graham) hasn't set foot near the school,” a distraught Shay Campbell, 14, said.

“If he cared he would have been there. He doesn't listen to anyone.”

Shay said some students were getting their parents to write permission notes, allowing them to leave the school and march through town to Heritage Park.

“We nearly have the whole school on board,” she said.

Placards were being hastily made last night to display on the march.

“That principal has got to go,” 15-year-old Philippa Griffith said.

Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding Jai's death, including interviewing numerous witnesses who were crowded into the schoolyard at recess on Friday.

A number of uniformed officers were keeping watch over student gatherings at the school yesterday.

There are several different accounts of what may have occurred, including reports that Jai was thrown against a wall before being repeatedly kicked where he lay on the ground.

Locals yesterday said the fight began over tables in the school playground and involved a group of 'emos' and a separate group of 'football heads'.

Despite reports and rumours that Jai was deliberately attacked, police sources say it may have been a tragic and inadvertent accident that happened in the course of the melee.

Principal Ian Graham could not be contacted for comment yesterday, but a Department of Education spokeswoman said the school was working with police.

“We are deeply shocked by the tragic situation that occurred,” she said.


Violent death in schoolyard

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