STAYING FOCUSED: HSC students from Lismore High School, from left, Tahlecia Gallagher, 17, Chloe Jeffery, 17, and Jesse Lennon, 17.
STAYING FOCUSED: HSC students from Lismore High School, from left, Tahlecia Gallagher, 17, Chloe Jeffery, 17, and Jesse Lennon, 17. Cathy Adams

HSC students get over the first hurdle

THERE'S light at the end of the tunnel for our region's year 12 HSC students who have just completed the first of their final exams.

For Lismore High School student Chloe Jeffery, getting the first exam out of the way has helped to settle the nerves.

"It was daunting coming in here but once I got to start actually writing I felt a lot more at ease with it," she said.

Fellow Lismore High School student Jesse Lennon said it was nerve-wracking walking into the study hall, sitting down, and wondering if you had remembered all your quotes.

"Once we got into it, it was alright, especially since it wasn't all just essays it was reading tasks as well, so it was a good mix up," he said.

"A lot of it's remembering quotes and also writing the essays when you don't know what the question is."

Unfortunately there's no rest for HSC students who will be back in the exam rooms today to complete the second two-hour English paper.

Lismore High School Head of English teacher Jennifer Josey said completing the first exam usually helped to settle students' nerves.

"It's not a bad paper to start with because the third section, while it's heavily textually oriented on what they've learnt, the other two sections are skills based," she said.

Ms Josey said high school English was a deceptively difficult subject to learn and study.

"They have to be taught how to deconstruct and then how to remember all the vocab that goes with that deconstruction," she said.

"And we're continually on about the meta-language of English study."

The Board of Studies will conduct 118 written HSC exams over the next four weeks.

These will be held in 750 exam centres staffed by more than 7500 supervisors and presiding officers.

Students have already completed 50% of their HSC assessments at school with the exams accounting for the remaining 50%.

Students will receive their HSC results on Wednesday, December 16.

Tips for effective study

1. Study in a quiet environment.

2. Break big tasks down into manageable chunks so you're not overwhelmed.

3. Use a variety of study techniques - reading, writing, diagrams, question-and-answer, note-taking, summarising and essay formats all help you prepare for the different types of questions you will get in the exam.

4. If you don't feel well prepared, don't worry about what you can't change and focus on what you can do in the time remaining.

5. Try to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet.

6. Get sufficient sleep and try to stick to a routine.

7. A little bit of anxiety is not a bad thing - it's to be expected and can enhance performance. However, let someone know if you're feeling overwhelmed.

8. Have regular breaks. After a while concentration decreases.

9. When you take a break, enjoy it. Don't spend this time worrying.

10. Stay positive.

SOURCE: Board of studies, teaching and educational standards NSW

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