Kashmir hopes to be accepted into a major drama program.
Kashmir hopes to be accepted into a major drama program.

HSC begins: 'I am excited, it's finally here'

STUDENTS across New South Wales are gathering in their examination rooms today to sit their first Higher School Certificate Exam.

In just under months worth time, on November 7th, Year 12 students will have officially completed their HSC and be one step closer to their futures.

We caught up with two students from The Rivers Secondary College, Lismore High Campus, to see how they were feeling heading into their tests.

Kashmir Miller is 17-year-old student obsessed with drama, with dreams of being accepted into one of the many prestigious drama schools in the country.

For the past two years, Miss Miller has been working tirelessly away at: Drama, English Advanced, General Maths, Ancient History and Society & Culture.

Having already submitted two major works, Miss Miller is that little bit closer to the end of her school journey.

How are you feeling about heading into your exams on Monday?

"I am kind of excited, just because it is something we have all been preparing for and thinking about for so long and now it's finally here," Miss Miller said.

"I am just dreaming about all the quotes I need to remember for English, that is pretty much all that is going through my mind."

What mark are you hoping to receive at the end of it?

"I have tried with the ATAR calculators and I usually get between an 80 and an 85, so anywhere in there would be good."

What helped you most in your preparation for the exams?

"To physically write and rewrite your notes and quotes, it gives you practise in hand writing and is a much better way to absorb the information."

"Also to teach what you are learning to someone, a family member or friend. It helps you to realise what you still need to know as well as reinstating the information."

What's next for Kashmir?

"I'm looking at doing acting or musical theatre, I have been looking at some advanced diplomas and university courses across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne."

"Ideally, I would like to go to NIDA but I know my chances probably aren't too high for that one, so I think I will wait a few years to go for that one."

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