Students crunch numbers in HSC

ACROSS the State, 30,474 high school students crunched numbers in yesterday's HSC general mathematics exam.

Seven of them were from Emmanuel Anglican College in Ballina.

Four of them, Emma Kent, Jake Bale, Christina Casimir and Cameron Evans emerged from the exam full of more numbers.

With 22 multiple-choice questions and six open questions worth 13 marks each, it was hard not to talk numbers, figures and difficult questions.

Eighteen-year-old Jake was relieved it was over. “It was like a horror movie, it was good at the start,” he said.

His friend Cameron thought the maths exam 'was all right'.

Emma said it was 'extremely challenging'.

“It was what a maths test should be like,” she said.

She prepared for the numbers challenge by practising on past exam papers from 2001 to 2008.

Christina didn't like the problem-solving questions and her tip for students was to do as many practice exam papers as possible.

Emmanuel Anglican College deputy principal Robert Tobias said there were three more maths papers to go.

He said students at the college had plenty of opportunity to study, with information and revision days for every subject available during the school holidays.

“It gave them a chance to focus and to practice exam questions,” Mr Tobias said.

His advice to students for the rest of the exams is to 'remain calm and focused and to take care to read every question'.

The HSC hasn't quite reached the halfway mark yet, with Emma still having to face three more exams.

Cameron only has two left to complete, but after yesterday's exam he just wants to 'go home and eat and sleep before the next exam'.

Exams for the rest of the week include: Music, Modern Greek, Hospitality, Metal and Engineering, Business Services, Biology, Chinese, French, Japanese, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.

Timetables and advice for students about exams is available on the NSW Board of Studies website:

HSC maths question Two people are to be selected from a group of four people to form a committee. How many different committees can be formed? (A) 6 (B) 8 (C) 12 (D) 16

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