Strongman Derek Boyer.
Strongman Derek Boyer. Marc Stapelberg

Strong man seeks 1500kg rock

PREPARATIONS for an attempt to set a new world record for a rock lift has begun with a search of Lismore's quarries for a suitable stone, Severino Da Roit, a spokesman for the Lismore Festival of Fitness, said today.

We are looking for a stone of up to 1500kg for the attempt by Derek Boyer, Australia's Strongest Man, to set a new World Record," Mr Da Roit said.

"Already last year's lift of a 760kg stone by Boyer, also known as Thunder, has reverberated around the world with some 50,000 hits on YouTube. There is a lot of interest around the world in this amazing feat."

The attempt will take place outside Oakes Oval in Lismore on Australia Day, 26 January, after the official Australia Day ceremony in Lismore has concluded, in order to permit the Mayor of Lismore, Jenny Dowell, to be present as one of the three official witnesses to certify a successful lift.

Mr Da Roit said the new stone for the world record will be placed outside Oakes Oval alongside the 760kg stone which represents the present record lift by Thunder in January 2011.

"We will be making an announcement about our progress in finding a stone for the lift. If it is possible, we would like to process it around Lismore's CBD in support of the "Come to the Heart" campaign to support shopkeepers and other businesses in the City," he said.

"On that occasion the new stone will be on the back of a truck for people to view. I can assure you we will not be carrying it."

Mr Da Roit said the first challenge for a strongman from overseas to attempt to beat Thunder's record lift is likely to take place around March.

"Watch this space. We want the Festival of Fitness planned activities to do some good for Lismore's community and charities while at the same time celebrating participation in sport and fitness activities," Mr Da Roit said.

"Lifting big stones might not be everyone's cup of tea, but everyone can be amazed at Thunder's feat. And, as Thunder and I repeat often: You've got to be fit to be strong".

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