Important to build strength in muscles

IF YOU find house cleaning or normal daily duties more than a chore these days, perhaps your strength has declined.

After all, "if you don't use it, you will lose it".

Have you noticed that each time you pick up a clothes basket you are lifting a weight?

Each time you put up a wet towel of sheet that you are in fact working your shoulder muscles?

It is important that we continue to challenge our self in regards to strength, flexibility and cardio vascular fitness to either maintain or improve from where we are.

Here are a few basic exercises you can do at home to assist in strengthening your body.


Shoulder press

(This can be done seated or standing)

Hold a weight in your hands at shoulder height, with palms facing each other

Press weight above head and then lower to starting point.

Perform 10-15 repetitions, two times with a 60-second rest between.

Beware: those with shoulder injuries may have problems with this movement


Wall push up

(Feet should be about a pace away from the wall)

Place hands onto wall at shoulder width apart and height

Lower chest to wall and then push yourself away in a straight body position


Bent over row

Place forearm on a table

Have weight in other hand hanging at side

Keep your back in a "gorilla's back" position, (chest out, shoulders and bum back)

Draw shoulder blade to spine and then elbow up, (hand should come along for the ride not pulled)

Lower weight to starting position.



(Best performed on a chair until confident to remove it)

Start in a seated position with bottom on the front third of the chair

Place feet hip width apart and heels under your knees

Lean slightly forward so your weight is on the middle of your feet and press into the floor to stand.

Now to sit, lower yourself slowly to the chair, try not to flop.

It will take time and as your strength improves it will become easier.

You can start at a table for assistance, then progress with just leg strength.


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