Dispute results in scalding

IT WAS a storm in a teacup in one Coraki home when a man’s stressed-out wife threw her boiling cup of tea over her husband, scalding his left arm.

Natasha Gomes, 25, pleaded guilty in the Lismore Local Court to assault causing bodily harm to Dale McCormack at 8.30am on March 14.

Police prosecutor Sgt Peter Costin-Neilsen tendered two police photos to Magistrate Robyn Denes to show the bright red scald mark down Mr McCormack’s arm.

In police facts before the court, Mr McCormack complained to his wife about crying children and not getting enough uninterrupted sleep and then asked his wife to ‘please’ just leave the house.

When Gomes asked him if he wanted the cup of tea all over him, Mr McCormack replied ‘no, just leave please’.

Gomes, who was holding a hot cup of tea, then poured it over his left shoulder. Although her husband was wearing aT-shirt the hot tea scalded him down his left arm.

Gomes then ran from the house.

She later told police her husband ‘was stressing me out and yes, I did pour it over him’.

When asked by police if he gave her permission to pour the hot tea over him, Gomes replied no.

Defence lawyer John Hennessy argued for some leniency with a good behaviour bond without conviction, saying his client was a good mother of three children, had no criminal record, and the victim received no permanent injury.

Magistrate Denes said if the roles had been reversed and her husband had thrown the hot tea over Gomes this leniency would not be sought.

She disagreed with Mr Hennessy’s argument that it had been the lowest form of domestic violence because the hot tea did leave a scald mark. Ms Denes convicted and fined Gomes $250 for the assault.

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