Still plenty of lovin' after 65 years of marriage

THEY'VE had their ups and downs, experienced all of life's hurdles and milestones together, and now Charlie and Dorothy Cox are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary.

The couple got married in 1950 on the 11th hour of remembrance day, although that wasn't intentional.

Remembrance Day wedding

"We got to the church and realised it was Armistice Day, nobody thought it was on a Saturday," Mrs Cox said.

"We had two minutes of silence before we got married."

She said it wasn't a fancy wedding, nor was there a fancy proposal, but Mr Cox was full of romantic gestures.

"I told her the story that I sort of fell for her right from the word go, and I thought she was bubbly and talked with her eyes," he said.

Met at a dance

Mr and Mrs Cox first met at a dance in Lismore on a Saturday night.

"We used to either go to the dances or go to the pictures ... in those days there was Old Time and Jazz dancing," Mr Cox said.

"He took me to the next country dance, then the next country dance," Mrs Cox said.

"We danced a lot in those days.

"He'd come and pick me up in Lismore, we'd go together on the bus, then we'd come home and we'd sit on the back deck and talk and talk ... and then I'd go to work at 6.30 the next morning sometimes," she said.

The couple continued to see each other for the next year and a half before they got married.

Renewed vows

While they didn't have a big wedding, they renewed their vowels at their 50th wedding anniversary.

"We had a celebrant ... we had all our friends there, we hired a couple of girls to do finger food, and we hired a marquee," Mr Cox said.

"We had that on our farm in our really big rose garden," Mrs Cox said.

"We had two minutes of silence there as well, it was really nice.

"That was all Charlie's suggestion, it was very romantic," she said.

Marital advice

Their advice for a long and happy marriage was to simply love each other.

"We're like most couples. We have our disagreements sometimes," Mrs Cox said.

"But we never go to bed sour ... we kiss and cuddle and make up."

Mr Cox said it helped they had a common hobby.

"Gardening is our main thing, so we do spend a lot of time together," he said.

As their 65th anniversary present Mr and Mrs Cox will set off to New Zealand on Friday for a holiday.

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