Stay-at-home dad satisfied

PEOPLE may turn up their nose when Jeremy Richardson tells them he is a full-time dad but he and his beloved children would not have it any other way.

He is one of many stay-at-home dads who are challenging the traditional parental roles.

He is also the perfect contender for Australia's Most Mentally Sexy Dad, a nationwide competition with a confusing title but a credible cause.

The annual competition is run by Dyson vacuums and strives to challenge gender stereotypes.

After three years as a house painter and a gradual realisation it was “not him”, Mr Richardson took on a full-time paternal role for his three-year-old daughter and five-year-old son.

“I get the feeling sometimes that my role as a stay-at-home dad is not taken seriously but mums are accepted. They fill the role without question but we do not always get the support we ask for,” he said.

“I get mixed reactions from lots of people. Some older working-class people from Lismore tend not to take the role seriously.

“I have to let it slide because it's a matter of the norm for me and I get to be with my kids all day.”

Mr Richardson, whose partner works full-time, does about 70% of the domestic duties but with an enthusiastic willingness.

“I really enjoy cooking most meals but then again every now and then I get a bit slack,” he said.

“We try not to see it as a traditional role.”

Mr Richardson also coordinates a fathers' play group in Lismore.

But a humble Mr Richardson confirmed he would not be entering the Australia's Most Mentally Sexy Dad competition anytime soon.



AUSTRALIA’S Most Mentally Sexy Dad competition celebrates dads who take a broader view of masculinity.

You could be a mentally sexy dad if you are:

  •  Family-orientated
  •  Your domestic efforts match that of your partner’s
  •  Not limited by outmoded ideas or restricted stereotypes
  •  Not afraid of lending a hand in the kitchen or with the vacuuming

The finalists will be judged by the cast from TV talk show The Circle.

For more information log on to

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