Research station scrapped

WHAT an absolute waste for the NSW Government to close the Tropical Fruits Research Station at Alstonville.

It either goes to show they haven’t got a clue what they are doing, or they haven’t done their research.
Not only does it seem 26 highly-skilled people may lose their jobs, or be relocated, but 40 years of research may go up in smoke as well.

It is complete madness, especially in a rural area that relies heavily on the income of its farmers, who in turn rely on theresearch conducted by the station to earn that income.

The macadamia industry alone is worth around $100 million to this region, without taking into account other producers who rely on the facility’s research.

When we are facing such big issues as climate change and urgently need facilities such as these to help us into a sustainable future it is even more incomprehensible.

What makes it even more frustrating is that so many in the industry have already paid levies for the research being conducted at the facility. To now have the NSW Government walk in and close it all down is hard to comprehend.

Some say the Government will sell off the land to developers, which makes sense, considering how much revenue the Government needs to raise to keep itself out of debt and hold on to its AAA credit rating.

I bet we will see a lot more of NSW sold off before this Labor Government is through.

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