The crowd at Splendour in the Gras 2017.
The crowd at Splendour in the Gras 2017. Marc Stapelberg

Splendour fans fight against 'unfair' ticket conditions

ALMOST 200 Splendour in the Grass festival-goers are fuming over the event organisers forcing them to pay $30 if they want to sell their tickets.

An online petition was launched a week ago on against the "unfair” ticket resale facility set up by the festival.

The petition, created by Melbourne's Rachel Staton, is demanding Splendour In The Grass change their terms and conditions.

"Splendour in the Grass terms and conditions are deemed unfair!” the petition states.

Launched a week ago, it has been signed by 182 people as of noon today.

The petition explains that terms and conditions only allows ticket holders to re-sell via the official Mosthix facility.

"Point 32 prohibits the ability to "resell a ticket” unless using the official resale facility,” Staton explains in the petition.

"However using the resale facility places the original ticketholder at an immediate loss for $30 resale fee per ticket, and (the) fees applied at time of original purchase ranging from $8.63-$14.94... let's not forget that the ability to resell your ticket closes Wednesday July 11 when Splendour starts Friday July 20.”

"The part of the Terms and Conditions in point 1 should be considered as void and unfair as by no longer having the ability to attend the music festival for whatever circumstances occur, the terms and conditions significantly benefit the business over the consumer.”

The petition asks for five main changes:

1. Void the requirement to have valid photo ID matching the name and date of birth listed on the ticket.

2. Void the official resale facility "as it significantly advantages only the business and not the consumer”.

3. Remove "the excessive fees” for the re-sale site: "these fees are not included in the original T&Cs so why are they in practice?” the petition questions.

4. Allow the re-sale site to remain open until the tickets sold are permitting entry. "E.g three-day ticket sales will cease to sell as of 8:59am Friday, July 20.”

5. Allow the ability for ticket holders to "re-issue” their tickets to their purchaser of choice "by following the same re-issue process as Groovin The Moo”.

The petition said that the request will initially be sent to the festival organisers.

"If the issues can be resolved from there, we will take no further action,” the petition reads.

"If we are unable to resolve the matters with Splendour in the Grass, we will escalate the breaches in LPA Ticketing Code of Practice with the appropriate body and lodge a dispute of the terms and conditions set out by Splendour in the Grass with NSW Fair Trading.”

Speaking to Triple J's Hack program yesterday, Splendour director Jess Ducrou said that the resale facility is "minimal” and covers administration costs.

"There are hard costs associated with being able to offer the resale facility,” Ducrou said.

"I know there's suggestions that we're making a bunch of money out of this, and yes we're a business and we do need to make money from the event, but we're definitely not retiring off this resale.”

Splendour in the Grass today declined from commenting any further.

The festival will be held at North Byron Parklands from July 20 to 22.

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