Speed reduced into Evans Head

AN RTA directive to reduce the speed limit from 100km/h to 80km/h along the 11km Woodburn to Evans Head road has drawn praise from residents of the Riverside Village.

Located at the western end of a long straight and just before a blind corner near Doonbah, speeding traffic has long been an issue of concern.

Five years ago proprietor Robyn Masters nearly became a victim when she ran out onto the road to help a distressed driver. Another vehicle passing didn’t see her on the road and swiped her backside with his mirror. The vehicle’s tyre clipped her heel.

Resident Ray Elley said he was so concerned for the safety of speeding traffic that he wrote 20 letters to authorities, including Member for Clarence Steve Cansdell who brought the issue to the RTA’s attention.

Not only were there concerns about traffic looming up behind cars that had just exited from Riverside Village, but there was the issue of wildlife, and in particular a mob of large, grey kangaroos that frequented the area.

Along the road are numerous driveways leading to rural residential properties and at one sharp turn known locally as ‘Hancock’s corner’, several drivers have come unstuck, fortunately without serous injury.

Closer to Evans Head, however, the road claimed the lives of two well-known men, Cr Ray Jeffery and Nick Feros.

“The extra time it takes to drive between Evans Head and Woodburn at 80km/h will only be a couple of minutes,” said Riverside Village manager Bruce Masters.

WEATHER: Thunderstorms, strong winds this afternoon

WEATHER: Thunderstorms, strong winds this afternoon

Rain and thunderstorms over the next few days.

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