The world is our playground during daylight saving.
The world is our playground during daylight saving.

Sorry Queensland, but you're missing out (again)

YEP, they're doing it again.

In Queensland, the debate over whether they should or shouldn't have daylight saving has reared its ugly head.

It's only about the 657th time they've talked about it, so of course they haven't made up their minds yet.

Meanwhile, down here in NSW, we're eagerly counting down until daylight saving starts again (it's 53 days and 18 hours at the time of writing).

Here are five compelling reasons why we love it:

1. Longer days

Well, duh, this is the whole point. If you've spent eight hours in an office, there's nothing more depressing than crawling out the door at 5pm into a cold and dark evening. But during daylight saving, we skip out of work into the sunshiney afternoon. The world is our playground.

2. More time for the beach... or park... or whatever

What to do with all that extra daylight time? Make the most of the great outdoors, of course. We live on the Northern Rivers, with the best beaches and beautiful national parks. Go for a swim, a surf, a bike ride or a bushwalk. Just get out there and enjoy it.

3. We're getting fit (promise)

So we've spent winter curled up in a ball in front of the heater, eating chocolate and drinking red wine. Now it's time to shake off that unhealthiness, and what better time than daylight saving? It's so motivating. Now's the time to take up jogging. Or at least go for walks every day. Okay, okay, we'll probably just chase the kids around the backyard, but it counts right? And you never know, some of us might be running marathons by the end of the summer.

4. Eating dinner outside

Forget slaving away over a hot stove. Those wintery days are over. Spark up the barbie, chuck some salad in a bowl and head outside, because there's nothing better than those warm evenings on the back deck, or even try a picnic on the grass. 

5. Glorious spring weather

Daylight saving arrives on October 7, smack-bang in the middle of spring. Those gorgeous days are what living in this region is all about. It's not cold anymore, and those scorching summer days haven't arrived yet. Make the most of it before you have to start cranking up the air conditioning.

Why do you love daylight saving? Send us an email.

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