Richard Somerville and Craig Wilson are Sommerville and Wilson.
Richard Somerville and Craig Wilson are Sommerville and Wilson. BRAD MUSTOW PHOTOGRAPHY

Somerville and Wilson prepare for Tropical Fruits

LOCAL music troupe Somerville and Wilson will get people dancing at the Tropical Fruits New Year's Party this year.

One of the local DJ artists in the line-up announced for this year's big party, Sommerville and Wilson are Richard Somerville and Craig Wilson.

We had a chat to the guys ahead of the Tropical Fruits gig.

How long have you guys together as DJs? How did you meet?

We met in late 2011 at a Delicious event. Richard's wife, Lou, had heard of these events through mutual friends, and said 'you need to get out of the studio, and go and check these nights out'. So he did, and after a brief chat and an exchange of a demo disc, the rest is history.

At first, production was the prime interest, as we had such a similar passion for a variety of music, including Nu Disco and House.

The DJ-ing side of things for Somerville & Wilson really kicked off at the first Yummy event, in July 2012, that we used to put on at the Byron Bay Brewery.

Those events gave us a chance to not only play some damn fine Nu Disco and House, but also air and test run some of our own productions that we had been making. Things have just gone on from there really.

Our emphasis in our productions is quality over quantity and our support to do this is provided by our family and friends worldwide. Our mutual belief in the production and performance of underground dance music is what drives us on.

Where are you releasing your music and where have you played lately?

We release on various labels overseas that we have been blessed to be a part of. These include Hell Yeah recordings (Italy), DWDK (Italy), ISM Records (UK), Paper Disco (UK), Tici Taci (UK), Nein Records (UK) and recently signed a new release and some remixes with Sub:Sonic Records (Ireland).

We have just returned from a very successful tour of Sydney where we played at Rotary Disco at the Slyfox in Newtown, and at S.A.S.H By Night at Home Night Club in Darling Harbour.

Both gigs were incredible in many ways for us.

And to have the punters 'get' what you are playing, and pack out the dance floor for a solid 4 hours, was truly amazing. You can find links to buy and listen to all our music on our Soundcloud page and exclusive independent releases at our Bandcamp page.

What can punters expect from your Tropical Fruits gig?

Loads of fresh promo's from our friends and labels from around the globe. Including of course some Somerville & Wilson exclusive new tracks that we are currently working on. But if we were to put a "name" to it, it would be Boogie Nu Disco and House flavours. Sunshine & Lollipops vibes, a perfect poolside soundtrack.

Especially as it's the first day of the new year. And it doesn't get any better than playing some phat, fun & funky tracks, by the poolside, to an amazing bunch of punters. We can't wait.

What other gigs can people see you at in the near future?

After our successful trip to Sydney in October, we are currently in talks with some promoters in Sydney about some regular gigs down that way. And locally we shall return with some more Tasty action. Keep your eyes and ears peeled folks.

At the Lismore Showgrounds on December 31. For details visit the Tropical Fruits website.


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