The lunch crime.
The lunch crime. Samantha Poate

Someone at work threw my lunch in the bin

NONE of my co-workers have fessed up to the heinous crime, but one of them disposed of my lunch.

Straight into the bin.

The lunch in question - a perfect half of a leftover pizza from the night before - somehow, unbeknownst to all the staff, made its way into the trash.

Would you still eat the pizza?

This poll ended on 18 May 2018.

Current Results

Hell yes


Ewww, no way


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Case facts:

8.45am: The pizza was lovingly placed in the fridge

9:15am: The pizza was still in place when another staff member arrived because she saw it there as she was musing over where to stuff her lunch in what is a fridge full of mysterious edibles (she's been so defensive about how it couldn't have been her that it's making me slightly suspicious)

1pm: The pizza was missing from shelf two

1:04pm: The pizza was spotted in the bin (not warm but not cold).


The token fridge police in the newsroom swore it wasn't her.

This kind of reckless abandon (binning food without eating it) I have never experienced before.

As the perpetrator would have moved the box from the fridge they surely would have felt the uneven weight of half a pizza sliding around.

At this stage motives are beyond me.

The delicious meal was still in its box so, as it would be a crime to waste it, I ate it anyway.

My boss said if I did so he wouldn't judge me, although now that I have eaten it, I'm not sure if he spoke the truth.

But if I had not eaten it, there would've been a hangry (angry and hungry) journo in the office.

The investigation is ongoing.

If you have any information please contact Lunch Crime Stoppers at

Any information will be treated in strict confidence.

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