Smashed your smart phone? You're not alone

ONE in five Australians have had to fork out between $100 and $500 to get their smartphone repaired, according to a new survey.

And 80% of the damage happens within the first year - 25% within the first three months.

About a third of the 1000 surveyed experienced a scratched screen, while 21% broke or cracked their screen and 13% experienced water damage.

Not surprisingly, the survey comes from OtterBox, the makers of protective cases, who say the results also reveal Australians are 'not okay going without their mobile device for even a day'.

The home is the most common place for the damage to occur followed by getting in and out of the car and public transport.

Over half (55 per cent) of all surveyed smartphone users wish their smartphone was better protected against wear and tear so it would last longer.

Australians said that being drop proof, scratch resistant and water proof were the most important protective features in a smartphone.

"Smartphones should always outlive their phone contract and serious smartphone protection options are key to ensuring that you don't miss calls, lose data or need to get your phone repaired in the first place,'' OtterBox 's Steve Nisbet said.

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