SURFING: The waves are small - Get used to it

SMALL and soft still seems to be the order of day as far as waves are concerned.

Yeah, I know, it's spring, and this is what spring does. It gets to the point where I start looking at the charts and trying to will systems to stay in the Tasman long enough to intensify.

It never works, of course, and the reality is we have a fair bit of this to go.

Normally I'd call it at being another four to six weeks.

Yet right now we're in the grips of a strong El Nino, which doesn't bode well for early summer swells.

The easterly trades that we all hope will arrive soon are more likely to come late this year.

If we're really lucky, the El Nino will release its grip sooner rather than later. I wouldn't put money on it, though.

Problem is, none of the predicted outlooks are saying this is likely. So small and soft is what we got and, for now at least, it looks like we'd best get used to it.

Taking all of the above into account there is a small pulse of wind swell on the way. Same as the past four or five pulses we've had, it will be short on everything - size, shape, period, power and duration.

This will again come in the form of south-east wind swell that really hasn't had enough time to sort itself out into clean lines. So it's the south-facing open beaches that will give the most punch.

The winds will also be south, although fairly light, and there may be a short window of offshore north-west early on Saturday morning.

Bottom line, it will be bumpy where there is any size. Early is what to take from this.

There's slightly more hope this weekend than last, in that there will also be a small easterly swell pushing through.

It won't be big at all, and it's short period as well. It is, however, marginally longer period and further travelled than the south-east wind swell.

It's not quite a ground swell yet, though it may just pack enough punch to push a little more of the south-east pulse into our coastline.

Be that as it may, the reality is that we're most likely facing yet another weekend of soft junky waves.

It's probably still worth getting wet just for some fun, it nearly always is. But I won't be expecting anything too exciting.

Stay safe, have fun wait your turn, and surf today like you want to surf again tomorrow.

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