Six boats arrive in four days

SIX boats carrying a total of more than 360 illegal immigrants were intercepted by Border Protection officials in the past four days.

The last boat was found with 65 people on board north of Christmas Island late on Tuesday night.

It brings the total number of people intercepted by officials in waters north of Australia to 362 since the weekend.

All the suspected illegal immigrants were transferred to Christmas Island for security, health and identity checks as well as verifying their reasons for travel.

The news came as the Greens party released its submission to the Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers on Wednesday.

The party has refused to budge on different government and Opposition proposals for offshore processing, contributing to a continued stalemate on policies for asylum seekers.

The Greens submission proposed immediately resettling thousands of immigrants from Malaysia and Indonesia and marinating on-shore processing of all asylum seekers.

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'Consider your fire plan': residents told to be prepared

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