Rahma El-Dannaoui
Rahma El-Dannaoui Supplied/Daily Telegraph

Sister saw 'long-haired monster'

THE sister of missing Sydney toddler Rahma El-Dannaoui saw a "long-haired monster" in her room on the night of Rahma's abduction, an inquest has heard.

Mena El-Dannaoui, who was just three when 19-month-old Rahma was snatched from her bed, told police a "thief" with no arms had been in her room.

Rahma has not been seen since her father Hosayn put her to bed about 2am on November 10, 2005.

The NSW Coroner's Court began hearing evidence about Rahma's suspected death on Tuesday.

Counsel for the Coroner Robert Bromwich has suggested a call traced to Lebanon in the hours leading up to her disappearance may have "predicted" her abduction.

While police have no clear leads, investigating officer Detective Sergeant Nicholas Sedgwick confirmed police were investigating links to pedophiles who were known for their involvement in similar cases.

He has also confirmed CCTV footage of Sydney Airport was reviewed following Rahma's disappearance, but police were unable to determine if she was taken out of the country.

When police conducted an extensive search of the home, backyard and surrounding area, officers found the wire covering the window above the bed in which Rahma had slept had been cut at both ends.

They also found firearms and a spot of Rahma's blood in the bedroom, but nothing that could be connected to her disappearance, the inquest was told.

Speaking through an interpreter Rahma's mother Alyaa said she did not know anyone who matched Mena's description.

On Wednesday she burst into tears while recounting the moment Rahma was missing.

During the inquest Ms El-Dennaoui was also questioned about her relationship with her husband's family from Lebanon and their connection to a grocer from the local fruit market.

When asked if she was "bothered" by a red birth-mark on Rahma's shoulder Ms El-Dennaoui said "no".

The inquest is expected to finish on Thursday.

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