Simple salad for supper

If tomorrow is a scorcher, do keep the seafood well chilled until the last moment.
If tomorrow is a scorcher, do keep the seafood well chilled until the last moment. contributed

HO ho ho, the moment of truth is here.

Hopefully all the gifts are wrapped and under the decorated tree and you are organised for tomorrow.

If you haven't yet decided on the main course for lunch, or are looking for a light and easy dinner to follow the main event, a seafood salad dressed with delicious honey mustard vinaigrette is a quick and simple dish to whip up.

This salad has chunks of mango scattered throughout, and you can use whatever seafood you prefer.

I have suggested prawns, crayfish or mud crab, but you could just as easily incorporate seared tuna or salmon that has been cooked briefly on the barbecue to keep you out of the kitchen as much as possible (everyone's real Christmas gift wish).

If tomorrow is a scorcher, do keep the seafood well chilled until the last moment.

You can assemble the salad, minus the seafood, in the morning and the salad dressing can also be made ahead of time, but don't dress the salad until you are ready to serve, and don't refrigerate the dressing.

The honey will thicken and be difficult to combine with the other ingredients.

Remember to have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks on hand - I'll be making my favourite booze-free punch, which consists of a bottle of lemonade, a bottle of dry ginger ale, two large Tetra-paks of tropical fruit juice (one frozen overnight), a punnet of strawberries and a bunch of mint.

Chop the strawberries and mint and combine all ingredients.

As the frozen block of juice melts, it will keep the punch chilled without making it watery.

You can add a small amount of sparkling wine to the glasses of those who want a bit of oomph.

Have a wonderful Christmas, whatever you are serving and above all, make time to relax and enjoy your family and friends around you.

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