Tell mum you love her on Mother's Day

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MOTHER’S Day is celebrated on different days and in different ways across the world.

No matter what country or date, the core purpose behind the day remains the same - Mother’s Day is a day to honour mothers by letting them know how much you love them.

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Mother’s Day celebrations or festivities of a similar ilk date back to ancient Greece. In some countries, Mother’s Day stemmed from traditional celebrations like Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom and Prophet Mohammad’s daughter’s birthday in Islamic countries.

Other countries selected dates with historical significance, such as the Queen’s birthday in Thailand, to celebrate motherhood.

Mother’s Day in Australia falls on the second Sunday of May each year and is similar to the celebration that was created in the United States by social activist Anna Jarvis in 1914 (she later campaigned against the day she had created because it had become "too commercialised").

Irish mums receive flowers and cards from their children as an expression of love and gratitude, while families in Mexico flock home to celebrate the eve of Mother's Day as a family and attend a special mass together on the day, according to

Meanwhile, in Australia we pamper mum on Mother's Day by treating her to breakfast in bed and showering her with gifts to mark our respect.

No matter how you celebrate, the purpose behind Mother's Day is to recognise mums and let them know much they are valued, according to Family Relationship Services Australia (FRSA, the national peak body for family and relationships) executive director Samantha Page.

“While gifts are nice, the best present for mum on Mother’s Day is to let her know how much you appreciate her,” Page explains.

"Parenting is such an important job and just how much mums are appreciated often goes unsaid. Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to tell mum just how special she is and how much you love, appreciate and value her. How you tell her is up to you."

It's very rewarding hearing your kids tell you they love you, explains Sandra Hunt of Bolwarra Heights, who is this year's New South Wales Mother of the Year in the Barnardos Australia’s Mother of the Year Awards.

"I'm lucky my kids tell me all of the time because when they say it you know that they're happy and secure and you're doing the right thing," Sandra laughs.

"I'm looking forward to Mother's Day because it's my one day off for the year."

This year's Queensland Mother of the Year Charmaine Mann reckons when her kids tell her they love her the feeling is "too euphoric for words".

"Words can't describe it. There are some moments in life that are so wonderful and remind you that what you're doing is right. Having your kids tell you how much they appreciate and love you is right up there with childbirth," jokes Charmaine.

It could be in the form of a Mother’s Day poem, a play, a message on a website or just by spending time together, what’s important is that you tell mum how important she is to you on Mother's Day.

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