Video captures Stocco fugitives shooting police car

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NEVER-before-seen footage has emerged of two of Australia's most notorious fugitives firing shots at a highway police officer.

Fugitives Gino and Mark Stocco's eight-year run from the law ended in dramatic scenes on a rural NSW property in 2015, but not before the pair terrorised a Darling Downs community.

The father-and-son duo pleaded guilty to the murder of a NSW property owner, as well as a long list of offences.

As the manhunt ramped up, The Chronicle spoke to a Darling Downs farmer who unwittingly hired the pair on his Cecil Plains property in a caretaker capacity.


Doug Redding was unaware of their notorious past when he employed the pair from April to October, 2013.

The recently revealed dashcam footage was captured near Wagga Wagga on October 16, 2015 after the pair had been cornered by officers.

In the footage a patrol officer is pursuing the duo, driving more than 100km/h an hour down a dirt road before the first shots are fired.

The officer can be heard yelling "Urgent, urgent, shots fired, shots fired. He's armed and dangerous. He's got a rifle."

The video runs for one minute and 41 seconds and ends with the officer talking over the radio: "I think my car is damaged. I've stalled or something. I think I've damaged it reversing."

The video was played in New South Wales Supreme Court yesterday as the pair prepare to be sentenced.

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