Shop Robberies

When are people who commit shop robberies going to be held accountable. 2 cases come to mind very quickly.
The chemist in Wollongbar was robbed in broad daylight by two customers the perpetators were apprenheded and still have not been dealt with by the legal system. Mean while the owners of the shop have had to retire due to the stress these low life drug induced citizens who held a knife at one shop owners throat and demanded items from the other. There appears to be a long delay for this matter to be finalised.
Secondally a drug induced robber in Sydney terrosied a shop owner stole goods and ran away from people chasing him and argued. Granted the authorities might have gone over the top in killing him but they did not take drugs and cause undue stress to innoncent bystanders they just wanted to apprehend the law breaker.
The perpetrators of illegal acts need to be dealt with quickly and decisevly to pass the message on what they are doing is wrong and they will be dealt with accordingly I n and ideal world then maybe other people will then not do illegal acts.

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