ON FIRE: Australian talkback radio broadcaster Ray Hadley (left) has fired up over a Lismore magistrate’s decision in a drug driving case, covered in The Northern Star (above) last week.
ON FIRE: Australian talkback radio broadcaster Ray Hadley (left) has fired up over a Lismore magistrate’s decision in a drug driving case, covered in The Northern Star (above) last week. Dave Noonan

Locals stand up for region after shock-jock's comments

UPDATE: FOLLOWING Sydney radio host Ray Hadley's comments labelling Nimbin and Mullumbimby as the "bong capital of Australia" locals have stood up for our region.

Over on The Northern Star's Facebook page, our online readers were quick in defending the towns while also speaking their minds against Mr Hadley. 

In defence of Nimbin, commenters said:

"Nimbin is the best town simple as that," Nemo Chester said.

"Best smoothie I have ever EVER had and best buy for crystal shopping. Only place I go," Lee Jackson said.

"Has the best thick shakes I have ever had," Chris Snow said.

"Who really cares what Hadley thinks," Wendy Leal said.

In defence of Mullumbimby, our Facebook community got fired up:

"Ray is a dinosaur. Mullum has the best pub food - Middle Pub. The best weekend markets. The best countryside and evey time we are there on the weekends, the friendliest locals. Not to mention great garage sales," Tony O'Toole said.

"Ray Hadley want's to take the Mull out of Mullumbimby," DameBernie O'Neill said.

"He's just living in the past, dreaming of Mullumbimby back in the 70s," Rick Murray said.

"Middle pub has great affordable quality meals. Just a bit to choose a meal as they are all so good. Tell Ray to go there," Catherine Roche said.

"It's kind of a good thing that he's trashing it. Most of his audience are right wing twats that I'm sure the nice people of Mullumbimby don't want to have to deal with anyhows," Ashley Bulley said.

"No don't get him to come here he will want to stay," Louise Cox said.


INITIAL REPORT: NIMBIN and Mullumbimby have been labelled the "bong capital of Australia" by Sydney radio host Ray Hadley in a story about the acquittal of a local man charged under controversial drug driving laws.

"A lot of people who live in Nimbin are decent, hard-working Australians. There are many also who couldn't survive a day in the tree house without the odd bong," Mr Hadley said on his 2GB radio slot last week.

"You shouldn't cast the net over entire communities, and Lismore is a fantastic community on the Far North Coast of NSW, but nearby Nimbin and Mullumbimby can be tagged the bong capital of Australia."

"If you live up there long enough in the tree houses", it could easily lead people to socialise with marijuana smokers, he said.

Mr Hadley also lampooned marijuana users as wearing "psychedelic clothing" and having dreadlock hairstyles.

The broadcast centred on the decision by Lismore Local Court magistrate David Heilpern to acquit Joseph Carrall of drug driving even though he tested positive in a road-side test.

Mr Carrall argued he hadn't taken marijuana for nine days and had previously been told by a policeman that traces of the drug only showed up in the test for a week after smoking.

In a broad attack on the court decision Mr Hadley described it as "bizarre" and "codswallop", largely because it relied on the defendant's claims in support of his own case.

If the decision became widespread "the whole system of justice in NSW for convicting drink drivers and drug drivers is out the window," Mr Hadley said.

NSW Police are reviewing Mr Heilpern's decision but have not yet launched a formal appeal.

A full transcript of Mr Hadley's broadcast can be herd at http://www.2gb.com/audioplayer/152941

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