Lisa Jack from Vintage Bettie is bringing Miss Pixie to Rockhampton.
Lisa Jack from Vintage Bettie is bringing Miss Pixie to Rockhampton. Allan Reinikka

Retro boutique brings pin-up icon

VINTAGE styling is about the feminine side of fashion.

Owner of retro boutique Vintage Bettie, Lisa Jack, said the 40s and 50s pin-up look had always been popular.

"The era when ladies were ladies," Lisa said.

And when she gets dressed up in a pretty full-circle dress and does her hair in a victory roll, people are quick to ask her how she does it.

"I get asked how to do it all the time."

So to teach others how to create the pin-up look for themselves Lisa is bringing pin-up icon Pixie Roberts to Rockhampton to host hair and make-up workshops, pin-up posing and pin-up portraits.

"You will be able to take the skills home and do it yourself."

Best known as Miss Pixie, the owner of Miss Pinup Australia is excited to be coming to the region to share her skills.

"This workshop is for the everyday woman who just has a love for vintage glamour," Miss Pixie said.

"They will actually be learning new skills."

Miss Pixie said the 40s were all about being creative with fashion, as during the war era women were limited with the money they could spend on a new outfit, so they had fun with hairstyles instead.

"I think that it makes you feel good as a woman."

The three-hour hair and make-up workshop will cover techniques of vintage styling.

She promised that with a bit of practice, participants would be able to do the glamorous hairstyles for themselves in just 10 minutes.

"It takes a little more time in the morning, but it makes you feel a million dollars all day."

The three-hour pin-up posing workshop is based on deportment, and will cover topics like walking, sitting and how to best present yourself.

"It is all about presentation, and it has really assisted people in their everyday life."

"My favourite thing is watching the transformation of the women.

"When they walk out they are a completely different person."


Modern Rockabilly

Look: Sexy retro

Style: Tattoos and piercings

Icon: Rizzo from Grease


Look: Florals and aprons

Style: Really hamming it up.

Icon: Marilyn Monroe

Classic Pin-up

Look: Very classy and elegant

Style: Hair styling with pin curls and finger waves

Icon: Berry Grable


Look: Swimsuits

Style: Beachy and Hawaiian look

Icon: Annette Funicello


What: Hair and Make-up workshop, Pinup posing workshop, Pinup portraits

When: From May 19

How: Initial bookings via email

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