Jodie Molloy
Jodie Molloy Jay Cronan

She'll run your life by remote

DESPITE the Northern Rivers' famed chilled-out lifestyle, a growing number of us are so busy we are outsourcing our lives to businesses that take care of other people's business.

Of the 3000 clients on the books of Byron Bay-based lifestyle management company, Evolution Concierge, only 40% were celebrities or high-flyers, according to owner Jodie Molloy.

Ms Molloy has a team of 14 personal assistants available 24/7 between Ballina and the Gold Coast.

She said regular people were the fastest-growing sector.

The 38-year-old said a typical client could be a business owner or a busy working mum trying to claw back more time with family.

"We could be organising a themed birthday party for a two-year-old one day and doing a day's housework the next."

While client confidentiality did not permit her to share juicy details, she admitted the Northern Rivers lived up to its alternative reputation when it came to some unique requests.

"We don't do anything illegal, immoral or inappropriate, or take commissions for referrals or recommendations," she said.

Ms Molloy worked as a corporate personal assistant in Sydney before founding her business locally two years ago.

She charged a reasonable flat hourly rate so not just the rich and famous could afford it.

"Once people know we only charge $40 an hour - Sydney prices are $95 an hour - it opens up (the market)," she said.

For her celebrity clients, Ms Molloy is normally required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

She said picking up or dropping them off at the airport and stocking their pantry before they arrived at their accommodation were some of the most common tasks performed for them.

"It could be touring artists, celebrities attending weddings in the area for family and friends which is something that happened at Christmas time," she said.

The hardest thing she's ever been asked to do?

"I had to drive a truck on a property in my (concierge) uniform in heels."

The quirkiest she can mention?

"We arranged for a private detective to spy on a client's wife, only to find that the reason the PD was hired was so he could see if his wife was actually following him while he was off having an affair. Needless to say we needed to call off this assignment as it didn't fit with our ethic.

"A client had a party and after a few drinks decided he wanted a slip-and-slide set up in the backyard. So he called us and we had the slide, detergent and installation all arranged within the hour."

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