Franco Girardi with his
Franco Girardi with his "From Farmpunk to Plynth' exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery in Lismore. Marc Stapelberg

Sheep shears up for sale in local first

AN art exhibition 25 years in the making will open on Wednesday at Lismore's Serpentine Community Gallery when Franco Girardi unveils his 'farmpunk' pieces.

For the first time ever the 40 exhibits consisting of more than 200 sheep shears will be up for sale.

Mr Girardi said that the art deco nature of the sheep shears, the historic value of the work tools and their ultimate resting place as pieces of art all create a sense of story, purpose and value.

"One man's trash is another man's artwork," he said.

"My art is storytelling with rust."


Mr Girardi's creations are anything from a full dress made of shears, to shear flies, to artistic ornamental swords with the pieces being held together by wedging, wire, cable ties or tiny magnets.

"I started fiddling around with these sheep shears and made a fly.

"And I stepped back and I saw flies, sheep shears and Australia - and then I scratched my head and went 'That's art!'

"And since then every other shape and every other story has come out of these sheep shears."

Mr Girardi has more than 400 sheep shears in his collection in total.

"They came to me one by one in the process of garage sales, tip shops, markets," he said.

'From Farmpunk to Plynth' will have its official opening on the 14 October.

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