Photo of the Day: A little piece of Northern Rivers history


Evans Head
Evans Head Shawna Palin

SHAWNA Palin sent in this photo of the rusted remains of the old tick fence, sitting at the southern edge of Chinamans Beach at Evans Head.

This little piece of history was once part of a large and sophisticated structure aimed at preventing tick-carrying cattle crossing the fence.

Shawna's image was one of five terrific shots in Friday's Photo of the Day poll.

The voting was quite tight. With a vote of 21%, Shawna's Evans shot was only six points behind Saturday's Photo of the Day, taken by Terry Stormon, and only two points ahead of the next two images, which both tied on 19%.

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We have a huge field of 10 images to choose from for tomorrow's Photo of the Day and it's not going to be an easy choice. There are some brilliant shots in there.

Have a look and choose your favourite. Voting closes at noon.

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